divine diva of beginnings and endings

I am a stranger here. Passing through trying to make some sense of a life lived. An observer of a life.  I am going to tell the story of a woman who became a young girl, who became a woman again.  She went through the pains of birth several times, she was alive and then she died, she was raised from the dead ashes of a woman’s body several times. She destroyed herself, and then rebuilt. She is a mogul magnate.  Reincarnator divine diva of beginnings and endings.  She goes by several aliases.  I didn’t set out to tell her story. I wanted to write a blog about my works in sculpture.  I became fascinated with her when I was introduced to her. Shortly thereafter I started this blog and that is when  I really came to know her. She could be a creation of mine, a living sculpture.  Why do I want to talk about her?  That remains to be seen. The furthest thing from my mind at the time.  She didn’t seem like a particularly interesting person until I got to know her.  Quiet , reserved and then suddenly zany.  That type of person always fascinates me.  Perhaps she felt comfortable sharing with me and so she opened up. She felt safe.  When I began asking her questions she typically would answer a question with another question. Was that her way of dodging me?  It seems the closer I would come to knowing her the more she would shape-shift and I would become blind-sighted.  Her chamelion-like charm kept my interest. I had to know this woman.  What was she really all about?


One Response to “divine diva of beginnings and endings”

  1. It take a life time to know oneself. The shifting might have been her trying to get out the way and make more room for growth. Expansion, inclusion, and diversity is one hell of a shift and will shape the minds of many.

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