Are we just waiting to die?

Of the many paths that we can choose a couple being living in the present moment or living our lives on a word, acting on words we find powerful. Thinking of one path this morning, choosing to live in the moment on a word, love.  That one has always mystified me. Music does that to me. Opens pathways for me to express. My story is one of discovery.  An artist friend Doug told me this morning: ” that art chooses the person…” I am on a journey wanting to fuse my shadow personality into one multidimensional human. I am glad that I can connect with people who understand the pathos and power associated with the artist soul.
I have poured a great deal of energy into my love of learning. I just want to express that love in a very tangible way. I am still making the connection, but in time I know I will see the pattern and it will be easy for me after that.


2 Responses to “Are we just waiting to die?”

  1. Hell No, I’m not waiting to die. I think living is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. What is even more AWESOME is living with what you have and learning to appreciate what you got. Visit Read and learn more.

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