I followed the tragic path into the shadow

Considering a human life today.  One that had a traumatic start abandoned by parents to live far from family.  A deep inward pain that caused crying for days upon end.  Settled into a life as a child in the country. When meeting this adult there was something  unsettling and disturbing about them. Searching and reaching for the stars. There has to be more to life than this.  Loved by family but letting so few in. The deep horrible stain left by a predator, the scarlet letter of shame . All can identify with this character who died so young so tragically.  Finally coming to terms and finding an inner peace after years of feeling so alone.  Death came so quickly after delivery from torment.  To be loved by so many and yet not to feel that love, only shadows. To dance, to dream, to feel, and finally find peace.


One Response to “I followed the tragic path into the shadow”

  1. I am so happy to see you are writing. We have to move you into a positive zone. Henry said hello and he misses you. James Brown said if you had chilled he would have marry you. Tim said he was going to find you.That should keep you busy.

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