inside me is a Lady

Dream  09/09/2012
I dreamed that I had come on a long journey across difficult terrain with  a very close  friend.  After a while we came to a green meadow and into a small town in the country. While visiting in this town there were some attractions. As we wandered around the town it felt as if my friend and I were  being followed. A local policeman in the town kept a sharp eye on us finally stopping to question us.  Since there seemed to be so few visitors we kept getting singled out. What were we doing there? We were laughing to ourselves cause we kept wondering why was he picking us out? There were’nt that many people so naturally not being local we attracted some attention. Not wanting any trouble  we left there ,it would be better to not hang around, even though there was no reason we should be harassed.  

We made our way across some rugged terrain. Coming to a watery plain we laughed and enjoyed the thought that we could manage the walk but the terrain got steadily more rough. We came across  a hot springs where there was a man bathing in one of the pools. The  steam rose from the heated mucky ground. We continued walking across slippery rocks of shallow pools of cool water.  I made my way across an amber  field until we came to a grand estate. It felt as if we were crashing a wedding, cars were lined up outside the estate.  I  followed my traveling companion through an opened second story door.  He says: ” I got you in the door. You will have to get in the rest of the way. Your on your own now.” He  left me there, dangling out of the door struggling to find something to pull on but I was going to fall. I had to get in quickly before I would be seen.
Below was a group of men , including security who were milling around and I was in trouble I had to get up on the ledge and get in to safety before those men saw me and reported me. I had to look like I belonged there.
I was crying to myself softly and struggling, then I realized that if I just relax and lay flat  I could manage to pull myself on to the floor and  in off the ledge. I then closed the door quietly entering the room and pulled myself together. There were  ladies milling around struggling to get into dressing gowns.  No one seemed to notice how I got in or that I was there.  An older gentleman recognized that I was not part of the wedding party and came to my aid, brought me a cup of tea to calm me down. Walked me around to a well-lit area.  Chandeliers sparkled across the shiny marble floors. Candles and glasses tinkling where there was preparation taking place for the wedding.  I recognized an old rival of mine came into the room  dressed for her party.  She looked beautiful and I told her so. My elderly gentleman escort was walking me past a room where the door was open and I saw my traveling companion with another male friend in a spa like room relaxing. I felt safe and protected there. I calmed down, I was now a different woman, a gentile and composed Lady.


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