…you always hurt the ones you love…

The dating scene.  I am a regular member and have been for over 16 years.  Oh yeah, except for that brief time I was married so long ago I barely remember what’s his name.  It’s a pity that once people who were lovers don’t speak to each other anymore.  Why is that ? We exchanged the most intimate parts of our body with another human being but we cannot talk with that person? I suppose it’s true that you always hurt those closest to you.  Perhaps the shame that you both share or the disappointment makes it too difficult to see them in any other light than an outsider.  Where is the love to change all that and make things different?  How are some folks able to do that and not others?  What makes us so different from each other and yet the same?  Just some thoughts on the subject.  I don’t have any answers in time it will all make sense. How are some couples able to bounce back from those differences and others are driven apart?  Life as a single girl has its ups and downs.  Here’s me, not at my finest hour, but hey heartbreak hotel ain’t a nice place to hang out!Image


2 Responses to “…you always hurt the ones you love…”

  1. No is the Survival of all. No, I will Not remain in the past but I will move forward. No, I can no longer do the things in life that will drag me down, break my spirit, and fight for another person’s life while disrespecting my own. No, I will not feel sorry for myself but i will continue to feel compassionate, be empathetic, and supportive of myself and to others. No, I cannot do a damn thing about yesterday but I am ready to kick ass today. No truly is a complete sentence and always know I LOVE YOU. NLD MOM/cancer survivor/smokelbg/ME:)

    • I love your philosophy on that subject. I see you are still smokin that lbg!I love you too dear sister from another mother. Very glad to hear you are still kickin’ some major A** in your bobo the clown shoes!

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